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Hair colouring

Hair colouring

For hair colouring we use mainly Goldwell products which are guaranteed to successfully cover gray hair. These hair dyes are based on a special formula which allows the resulting colour to be intense and deep as well as glossy. Thanks to their advanced protective technology they don’t dry the hair out.

Goldwell released different types of coloring products some of which are listed below:

  • TOPCHIC – a permanent colourisation which guarantees total coverage of grey hair. Its incredible duration is achieved thanks to CoolProtect technology which allows the hair to be protected and the color to evenly saturate throughout the length of the hair,
  • Colorance – a semipermanent colourisation using IntraLipid technology covers grey hair in 50% capacity. It’s more hair care oriented and uses ammonia-free hair dyes. Colorance protects and rebuilds the hair structure providing the hair with constant regeneration by effectively supplementing lipid levels and gives the hair a natural, shiny finish.
  • ELUMEN – this line of products colours the hair without using oxidants so that only the pure pigment is set inside the hair,
  • @Pure pigments HD – these pure pigments are added to the colourisation to achieve colour play and a 60% shine increase by creating holographic and iridescent effects,

Cost of hair colouring

The main factor of colouring pricing is the length and thickness of the hair, so the amount of product used during the colourisation. This is why the prices are listed as “from”, that is, the bottom price line. We are only able to give the exact pricing during the client’s visit in the salon. In case of questions regarding our offer please feel free to contact us.

Hair decolourising

Hair decolourizing is a process of removing the colour of the hair. This treatment allows the artificial pigment to be removed without damaging the hair structure. It can be performed by using a toner or COLOR PEEL products. The former allows for a quicker removal of the pigment while the latter is more delicate on the hair. The time is decided based on factors such as the quality of previously used dye, the hair condition or the intensity of the colour. The darker the hair, the longer it will take since a single application allows the hair to lighten only by a couple of tones.

OLAPLEX hair colouring and decolourizing

We recommend the OLAPLEX system of colouring and decolorizing hair which prevents the weakening of the hair structure during the treatments. Thanks to OLAPLEX it is possible to change the hair colour significantly without worries. The OLAPLEX hair care system combined with colouring or decolourising guarantees a glossy finish. It helps to restore damaged hair structure and prevents it from breaking down further. In order to regenerate hair fully, OLAPLEX can be combined with nourishing ampoules and keratin treatments. The OLAPLEX system is free of sulfates, silicones, parabens, and aldehydes.


20% discount for elderly ***

Trimming and styling the hair included in the price                   
Global colorfrom 190 
Colour with highlights from 210 
Global colour with gradientfrom 215 
Demipermanent ammonia-free colouringfrom 205 
ELUMEN colourfrom 210 
ELUMEN Playfrom 200 
additional ELUMEN from 60 
3D Baleyagefrom 215 
Ombre / sombre / flamboyage / air touchfrom 215 
Light Reflexes from 165 
Decolourisationfrom 115 
Toningfrom 120 
Colouring with your own dye and styling 105 / 125 / 145
Added Olaplexfrom  
Added @Pure Pigments HD3 from 25 – 65 
* prices listed in PLN
discount valid on Mondays and Tuesdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m
+48 513 460 664
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