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Hairstyles for special occasions

Evening hairstyles are our specialty. Updo’s, curls, braids – we can do it all. We can style your hair for occasions such as weddings, balls, first communions and all the rest. We will help to find a perfect hairstyle suited for your face shape, outfit, and the type of function. The price is dictated by the length of the styled hair and the amount of accessories used, therefore some of the listed prices are the bottom line.

Wedding hairstyles and wedding gown styles

The mismatching of the wedding hairstyle and the wedding gown is a common mistake. When it comes to choosing the right hairstyle for the dress one has to take into account the amount of decoration and the type of the decolletage of the wedding dress. When it comes to the former, the rule is simple: the more lace or artificial stones on the dress, the simpler the hairstyle should be. When it comes to the latter the issue is a bit more complicated.

Types of decolletage:

  • decolletage with a built-in collar: hair should be pinned up in a way that they don’t cover the dress which will make the neck appear to be longer and the bride won’t look overwhelmed by the stylisation,
  • a “V-neck” decolletage – the hair can be loosely pinned up or let down. Delicate curls or waves are a perfect fit for this type of decolletage,
  • “open” decolletage (strapless dress) – delicate waves falling down on the decollete look perfect with this type of decolletage. A simple half-updo at the back of the head so that the hair also covers the visible back is a good alternative,
  • off the shoulder” decolletage – an asymmetric hairstyle will work best with this type of decolletage. The hair could be pinned up, plaited, or curled at the opposite side of the visible bare shoulder.

20% discount for elderly ***

Evening hairstyles, up-do’s from 100 – 170
Curls, waves, afro from 70 – 100
Braidsfrom 10 – 80
‘Wedding day’ stylisation 170
‘Wedding day’ rehearsal hair stylisation 150
* prices listed in PLN
discount valid on Mondays and Tuesdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
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